2017 Movie Murder On The Orient Express

I love Agatha Christie and I love Poirot. And my favourite of all the Poirot novels is ‘Murder on the Orient Express’. I will defend this story to the death and I will be incredibly pedantic about any adaptation.

And look what Kenneth Branagh has just delivered!

My thoughts…

  • It looks like an mystery/thriller movie. Which is all wrong, in my humble opinion, because this story is about the fine line between what is right and what is the truth. But trailer’s do lie so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.
  • Everyone is in this movie. Literally everyone. But because this plot had a large supporting cast, all of whom play a key role in the story, that’s to be expected. The 1974 movie had an all-star cast too (but I’m pretty pissed that Johnny Depp is still getting amazing acting gigs despite the wife-beating allegations.)
  • There was some attempt at diversity by including a POC but it’s not enough to offset the crime of including Johnny Depp.
  • I’m glad Kenneth Branagh didn’t attempt to replicate the looks of David Suchet’s Poirot. He’s done his own interpretation of the infamous moustache but besides that I didn’t see enough of him to really get a sense of what kind of Poirot.
  • The scenery is stunning I’ll give them that.
  • And I need to know the song

I’ve seen the 1974 movie which I know was a classic with a thousand Oscar nominations but I didn’t like Albert Finney’s interpretation of Poirot. I thought he was too hammy and he’s no David Suchet. I did enjoy Lauren Bacall but she’s always a stand out.

I’m currently re-watching Suchet’s ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ and let me just say, Branagh’s got a hard act to follow, but I’ll be glad if the newest adaptation gets more fans and exposes a new generation to Agatha Christie.


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