Happy Free Comic Book Day!!

I love Free Comic Book Day!

I try to be in the city on this day so I can wonder off to Kinokuniya and soak in the atmosphere. Either that or trek down to smaller comic book stores where they won’t be so stingy with the free comics.

But I really love going to Kinokuniya, it reminds me so much of my high school days when I was openly into anime and manga. Sadly I’m feeling the burden of adulthood so my love of anime is a guilty pleasure that I can’t help indulging, so seeing everyone get so excited makes me a little nostalgic. To any hardcore fan out there, don’t give in; you’re going to have wonderful memories of these moments so don’t hesitate to embrace your nerdiness.

And of course, here’s my obligatory haul. My favourite was ‘Attack On Titans’. The story had depth and could stand on its own. But I liked the drawings in Buffy.


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