Have You Ever Been Mislead By The Title Of A Book?

Not necessarily mislead by the title but have you ever come away from a book and thought ‘the title has nothing to do with the story’?


Like The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo doesn’t really focus on Lisbeth until later on in the Millennium series but then I discovered the original title of ‘Men Who Hate Women’ was changed because they thought it creeped people out (which is true).

And Jasper Jones was more of a symbolic character in Craig Silvey’s ‘Jasper Jones’ than a real driving force.

I also still have mixed feelings about Patricia Highsmith’s ‘Carol’. I get the love interest is called Carol but the original title of ‘ The Price of Salt’ made the focus about Therese’s coming of age rather than her love for Carol.

Let me know in the comments of your choices.


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