I’m Writing Faster!

Besides ranting about books, another point to this blog was to improve my writing. I’ve always enjoyed the hobby and for the first time I can use it creatively and at my leisure instead of essays and assignments.

When I first started this blog, it’d take me hours to cobble a review or an essay together. And that doesn’t include the reviews and the edits to bring it up to a standard I was happy with. I also couldn’t write very much, anything about the 500 word mark was very long for me.

But now I can smash out 500 words quite quickly, at a quality that makes me quite proud.

I’m actually a little giddy with this progress. I thought I’d be measuring progress with likes and followers and comments, not noticeable writing speed.

So my new goal is this: I want to be able to crack out about 1000 words with the same ease as I write 500 words now.


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