Tasmania And The Bookstores

I had a fantastic time in Tasmania!

I went to Russell Falls, Port Arthur, and just wondered the streets of Hobart (including MONA). I crammed my face with fresh salmon and scallops and sweet Tasmanian fruit (why is it so sweet?!)

And of course I made some obligatory visits to some bookstores (but they weren’t my main focus). I am delighted to report that there were a mixture of retail, independent and second hand bookstores in the Hobart city centre, which is more than I can say for Sydney.

I’ve still got an insane number of books to read so I didn’t feel comfortable buying too much and I am loathe to go over my luggage weight limit. But I didn’t want to come home empty handed because at some point I want to pick up a book and fondly reminisce about a memory.

So now here are my visits!

The Hobart Book Shop: It had a mix of second hand and new books but the second hand were pretty obscure and mostly non-fiction. I purchased the ‘Bad Feminist’ by Roxanne Gay for $27. It originally RRP for $30 but there was the tiniest smudge on the spine and the seller offered me a 10% discount which is so unheard of Sydney I forgot to thank her. Overall, it wasn’t so expensive but they weren’t bargain sales. I found some Penguins sold for $13 (which I can buy for $10 in Sydney) but most of the books went from $15 to $30.

Downunder Bookshop: I can’t recommend this bookstore enough, everyone needs to go here. Not only is there an impressive range, I love the whole concept of it. For every book you buy, you get one free book. And if you return the book back to him, he’ll buy it for half the price he sold it to you and you still get a free book. The owner is also ridiculously helpful and really provides the personal touch to his service. I bought ‘The Rosie Effect’ by Graeme Simsion and ‘Dollhouse: The Play’ by Henrik Ibsen for $16.80. I was given another book as a complimentary item but it was so thick (and I was worried it wouldn’t fit in my luggage) he allowed me to exchange it for another so I picked ‘The Dressmaker’ by Rosalie Ham.

Cracked and Spineless New and Used Bookshop: I wished I could have spent longer in here, they have an amazing variety. They’ve mixed their new and old stock together on the same shelf so it can get a bit confusing with pricing (second hand items have price written on the inside cover in pencil, but new books have a sticker on the back). I purchased ‘The Real Inspector Hound’ by Tom Stoppard, ‘Equus’ by Peter Shaffer, ‘Urn Burial’ by Kerry Greenwood, and ‘Raisins and Almonds’ by Kerry Greenwood, all for $22.50

Fullers Bookshop: A brightly lit and airy bookstore, a standard and reasonably priced Independent Bookstore. I saw a teenage skater contemplating which Voltaire to purchase so it clearly provides for everyone. I did not purchase anything, by this stage, I had seven books so I was worried about going over the limit.

Area 52: A pop culture nerd’s fantasy, it’s well stocked and fairly priced. There’s American comics, books, manga, and a lot of merchandise. I still can’t help wandering around even though I read all my manga online and don’t particularly care for fantasy or sci-fi, because that type of hobby represented such a huge part of my teenage years so I like to indulge now and again. I did not purchase anything.

And here is the obligatory photo of my spoils!


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