Books And Travel

When you go on holidays, do you take any books with you?

Despite being an avid reader and being used to reading everyday. I rarely bring a book and if I do, it’s only one and it has to be light.

I do this for a few reasons:

  1. I like to focus on the place I’m visiting. I consider travel to be one of the few luxuries I indulge and I want to make it worth my while. And I can’t do that if I’m itching to race back to my hotel room
  2. If I go to an English speaking country and I am not part of a tour, I like to research beforehand any independent or secondhand bookstores I can visit. That way I can add to my book collection, save money, and can now say that I’ve been to some of the local haunts. That means, if I’ve already brought a few books in my suitcase, I’m just wasting precious luggage space (and weight).
  3. I like buying books from the city that I’ve visited as a memento of my holiday. I bought some old library books when I was in New Zealand with the name of the city stamped on it and I consider it one of the best souvenirs I’ve purchased.

I feel as if I’m in the minority here though given the plethora of memes about difficulties in choosing one book but what is your stance on it?

I’m about to pop over to Tasmania and am currently doing some packing. I don’t think Hobart is particularly big so I should be able to adequately explore the city. I’ve also got my list of bookstores that I want to visit but Hobart is no Melbourne though so I’ve adjusted my expectations accordingly.

I’ll be back at the end of this week but in the mean time I’ve scheduled some posts (since I like updating every 1 to 3 days).


3 thoughts on “Books And Travel

  1. omg yes to all of this!! when i go on vacation, i never ever read because i like to devour the place i am in. i usually take one book with me to read on the plane..that’s it though. i also feel like the minority who doesn’t take books for traveling lol.

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