The English “Bookseller From Hell”

This is, hands-down, the most British thing I’ve seen all week.

A bookseller from Yorkshire is alleged to have done the folowing:

  • Called a customer “a pain in the arse” which he claims to regret but I have my doubts.
  • Charged customers with a 50p entry fee, refundable on purchase of a book.
  • Received over twenty complaints from the council over his rude and condescending behaviour.

I don’t understand why people hate money so much. When people claim to love books, there’s the general assumption that they’re not really a people person but that doesn’t mean you are so rude to others that you drive away sales. Unless there’s some kind of bibliophile secret where you can actually eat books. Although given his current internet infamy, it would not surprise me if people now saw it as tourist attraction.

The Guardian has written an article on it here:


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