I Feel Like I’m Fifteen Again!

So I saw the latest releases by the below authors today and I honestly felt like I was in high school all over again!

So first up…

There’s no need to introduce Stephenie Meyer, she brought out the infamous Twilight series and helped kickstart the YA franchises that are ridiculously popular now. Like any other teenage girl, I followed Twilight religiously and eagerly devoured the latest book whilst I derisively mocked the quality of the series. I even dutifully avoided all internet commentary until I had read the final novel though this was hard since I had to wait several weeks as I wanted to study for my final exams. I was so into the fandom and being a Meyer supporter that I even bought ‘The Host’ thinking it would giver Meyer a chance to show wider literary skills, only to be disappointed that she really just recycled through the same characters with a different plot. 

And for the second author that turned me into a giddy schoolgirl…

I think ‘Interview with a Vampire’ was the first vampiric book I ever read. I really enjoyed the whole goth aesthetic when I was young even if I never had the energy to get into the fashion and Rice provided me an outlet to not only obsess over the supernatural (what is it with teen girls and insisting on going through a scene/goth/emo phase and at least one point in their lives?!) but to also fantasise about cute aristocratic boys. But I never progressed past the first novel since I couldn’t really get into the supernatural despite my enjoyment of Lestat and Louis’ homoerotic relationship.

I won’t be buying either of those two books. It’s not a case of being literary snobs (although for ang long time followers, you know what my viewpoints are) but as stated before I never got into Rice’s franchise and frankly, Meyer’s new book doesn’t sound that appealing to me. But my God, seeing their names on the bookshelf did make me feel like I was in high school all over again!


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