The Etiquette On Book Borrowing

I just wanted to share with you guys the personal rules I follow when someone lends me a book. I think it’s quite a personal thing to lend a book to someone, like sharing a piece of your soul so I try to be pretty respectful about the whole thing.

  1. Don’t be rude. If someone offers to lend you a book, it means at some point during reading it, they thought, “Perhaps so-and-so would enjoy it” so no refusing it with snide comments about how it’s not to your tastes. You don’t have to like it, perhaps it really isn’t to your taste, but you should read the story with an open mind.
  2. Return the book as timely as you can. Maybe when you purchase a book, you may not read it straight away and it stays on your TBR pile for ages. When someone lends you a book, unless you are in the middle of another book, I think you should try and finish their book.
  3. Treat the book with care. No staining it, no tearing it, no getting food or coffee marks on it. It should be returned to the lender in the same condition as it was lent to you.
  4. Never, ever, dog-ear the pages. Point 4 is more or less an extension of Point 3. I don’t care if that’s what you do to your own books, maybe the lender doesn’t like it.
  5. If you should damage the book… Or worse lose it. Look we’re all human and no one can say we’ll never do something we shouldn’t do. But you should confess and offer to repurchase.
  6. Upon returning it, provide feedback. To show that you’ve put some thought and consideration, I think it’s nice to provide some kind of commentary to the lender (and you can be honest about it, if you didn’t like it, you can say so, albeit nicely).

Do you lot have any special rules for book borrowing?



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