A Dog’s Purpose By W. Bruce Cameron

This was so sweet and endearing. This read was a perfect timing for Christmas. It’s deliberately heart-warming and for once I was in the mood for it.

Look, when my colleague first lent it to me, I had very low expectations. If rock bottom was the lowest position, then my expectations were buried six feet under that. The entire book was written from the perspective of a dog and it was recommended to me by someone, who had sheepishly confessed, never read. I expected something disgustingly cheesy and deliberately sappy.

But it wasn’t as the book was quite well thought out and heart-warming. It’s fast paced so it doesn’t give you time to over think each scene. It adds complexity to the lives of dogs yet is realistic enough that we can link it to the interactions we normally have with them.

We normally see dogs as mere pets and don’t really consider the meaning of life from their perspective but Cameron does an excellent job at linking a dog’s purpose in life with that of humans:

“…Everything that I had done, everything that I had learned, had been leading up to being a good dog who saved people. It wasn’t as much fun as being a doodle dog, but I now knew why these creatures, these human beings, had so fascinated me from the moment I saw them. It was because my fate was inextricably linked with theirs.”

I imagine you’d find a book like this in the “Gift” aisle of the bookshop and it’s something you’d give to someone you got in a Secret Santa and weren’t sure what their tastes were, or if they were really into reading but you still wanted to get them a good read. It’s wonderfully light-hearted, yet the story has depth and meaning. If I saw it in sale, I would definitely purchase it so I can have my own copy, that’s how much I liked it.


On Another Note

I’ve never had a dog but my colleague, who has had one, insisted the story made him miss his old dog very much. Despite my lack of experience, it made me want a dog just so I could experience the love and the bond between a human and a dog.


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