How Do You Choose The Books That Make Your To-Be-Read List?

Do you judge a book by its cover? Would you loyally devour any book written by a particular author? Or are do you just read the blurb and hope for the best?

Because I try to read as widely as I can, my method is more “lucky dip” than any actual consideration, though I am very particular over what I dislike (e.g. brooding paranormal romance, in-depth fantasy  worlds that require a map at the beginning, to name a few).

I generally aim to make my way through the classics, books that have been turned into movies, books that everyone’s talking about, books with “weird” plotlines (I’m looking at you ‘Piercing‘). I’ll also try to digest as many non-fictions as I can, I think its important to go through this life and absorb as much as you can.

And because crime fiction, is my one true love, not only do I read the ones that I think I’ll like but I’ll make it a point to read the ones I think I should read, just because of it’s importance in shaping the genre or it’s impact on the history of the genre, like despite the shocking racism, I had to own and read a Charlie Chan.

I can also form real attachments to authors so if one of their books is amazing, all their works are going on my list hence my devout following to Agatha Christie (but only Poirot novels), Patricia Cornwell and Ira Levin, to name a few.

But my favourite way of discovering new books is just blocking a day and wondering through bookshops. I love browsing through the new releases and bargain bins, looking for more stories to lose myself in. I’ll yank novels off shelves, consider the blurb and read a few pages to see if it takes my fancy; I am that person who blocks up the path with my nose in a book.

I decide what to consider based off the title and the jacket design but since you can’t judge a book by its cover, I don’t really make any snap decisions. I can also be hyper self-aware so if I can’t seem to get into a book I think I should get into, I’ll re-visit the book another time, just to be sure I wasn’t in an off-mood that day.

And if I find any I like, I’ll dutifully note it down in my phone (thank God for the Memo App, am I right?) so I always have my list with me.

Besides finishing a book, adding books to my TBR list is one of my more favourite parts of this reading hobby and I think it’s due to the anticipation and the excitement of discovery. Do you guys get that too? That feeling of excitement when you’re looking for the perfect find and the feeling of satisfaction when the book you’ve banked all your hopes and dreams turns out to be as fulfilling as you thought it would? Let me know in the comments below!


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