“If You Were Stranded On A Deserted Island, Which Book Would You Pick?” The Annoying Ice-Breaker

So today at work, we were trying to organise an ice breaker and one of the managers sent round a form for everyone to fill out and one of the questions was:

If you were stranded on a deserted island, which book would you pick?

And to anyone who loves reading, that’s actually a stressful question to ask. How can I nominate one favourite book? I love so many and my favourite book depends on the emotional state that I’m in; it’s not easy to come up with just one.

Do you guys have this problem too or an I just exasperating a simple Get To Know You Exercise with my neuroses? As one colleague sarcastically pointed out, “No one’s going to crucify you to your book choice”. I know that I’ll eventually be required to discuss my book of choice so it needs to be something substantial but not too impersonal and not just a 5 minute rant that consists largely of “it was amazing why don’t you love it too?”

I’m also not sure how literally to take this question  either. Should I pick a book that provides me emotional comfort and guidance? Then Harper Lee’s magnum opus on doing what’s right, not what’s easy of ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ is the top of my list. What about a book that was difficult to read but I’ll now have all the time in the world to comprehend it in it’s entirety? Haruki ‘Cats, Jazz and Magical Realism for all’ Murakami is the perfect selection. Or something I haven’t read yet but I will now be forced to read? I can finally get down to ‘The Luminaries’.

Or should I follow the choice of the Weasley twin?

I ended up selecting Craig Silvey’s Jasper Jones if anyone is curious.


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