The Diana Chronicles By Tina Brown

I purchased this biography on a whim and because I felt like something different from the murders and classics that are filling up my bookshelves.

With its hot pink cover, the target audience is obviously young women, but I think anyone can read this, even if you don’t have an interest in Princess Diana or gossip or the royal family. It was such an eye-opener to learn all about the neuroses of the British Royal Family and the echelons that follow them.

From what I know about Diana and how the media has generally portrayed her, I think ‘The Diana Chronicles’ is a fair recount of Diana. Too often she’s portrayed as either this almost saint-like philanthropist or this crazed jealous woman whose paranoia drove her husband back to his mistress; this biography avoids only showing one side and lets you come to your own conclusions over the type of woman Diana was.

The only thing that could be improved on would be the inclusion of some of her more iconic pictures:

  • The picture released of Diana when she was nineteen and holding children, right before her wedding
  • Her infamous “Fuck You” black cocktail dress when Charles admitted on national television he was having an affair
  • Her work with landmines, AIDs victims, and leprosy sufferers

It would have really tied the whole biography together, especially given Diana’s uncanny control over the media and the fact that she was so photogenic.

I follow gossip on the regular and the British Royal family are one of my favourite topics since their lives are so removed from the normal; I relished reading about the one person who re-wrote the rules on the way the royal family should interact with the public.


On Another Note

Remember how I said that I’d be using my non-fiction template? I found it to be kind of clunky, to be honest, because it was quite inflexible. It also reminded me too much of the book reports I had to do in high school.



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