Variety In Your Hobbies

I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels this way.

As some of you guys might be aware, I started this blog as a means of a creative outlet. My current career path is a bit regimented, which can leave me feeling emotionally drained.

The article below basically talks about how you can become a more productive person by selecting a variety of hobbies that provides variety in your week. For example, if you work in a non-creative industry, pursue hobbies that are creative (like reading and writing) and vice versa.

I love this philosophy. I love the pursuit of any activity that leads to a more multi-faceted being. Which is why I’m so happy with how this whole book blogging thing has turned out for me. I love that I can combine my love of reading and writing. I’m so glad I took on a project that can give me this kind of fulfilment.

On the other hand, I fundamentally disagree with the notion that the hobbies you pursue should be selected with the mindset of improving your career or your productivity (so the title of the article is unfortunate). This kind of thinking infuriates me because not eveything you do should be rooted in how it impacts only one aspect of your life.

Why did you guys take up blogging? I’m very curious about other people’s motivations.

Fast Company: How To Channel Your Weekend Hobbies Into Weekday Productivity.


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