Bob Dylan won what?!

Bob Dylan has just been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2016, as if 2016 wasn’t a weird enough year. 

I’m firmly in the camp that Bob Dylan shouldn’t have won, although I kind of get the Committee’s rationale (sort of). I mean song lyrics are really just a form of poetry and poetry is a form of literature. But by that notion, Obama should be eligible for the Grammies, because his speeches are just an alternative form of rap.

And musicians have many other accolades in which their works are celebrated and awarded recognition, and these avenues gain far greater publicity than many literature awards.

The award already gets a ton of criticism for historically only awarding it to literature written in English, so it would have been so refreshing to give it to a persom of colour or just something written in another language, given how diversity is such a hot-button issue.

But honestly, given how 2016 is turning out, it could have been worse.


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