Bookshelf Fun Facts

More fun facts! But this time about my bookshelves.

  1. I have three bookshelves.
  2. I organise my bookshelf by genre:
    1. Classics
    2. Short stories
    3. Plays
    4. Crime fiction
    5. Sci-fi/fantasy/horror
    6. Childhood books that I couldn’t bear to have put away in storage
    7. Everything else (that’s fiction)
    8. Non-fiction
    9. Unread pile
  3. I also try to keep authors together although I don’t place them in alphabetical order or even personal preference. I also keep books within their assigned categories so I often start placing books on top of one another.
  4. I don’t keep many other tokens on by bookshelf other than books (because if I knock something down trying to get a book out, I will cry).
  5. I used to organise by author but it really bugged me when I bought a new book and then I couldn’t put it in alphabetical order without having to shift fifty books to fit it. So I went and changed up my layout and my Sweet Jesus did that take a long time so unless there’s a blinding flaw in my methods another re-organisation won’t be happening anytime soon. And the amount of physical labour of just moving the books from one end of the room to the other was ridiculous (or I’m just really unfit, your call).
  6. I will never organise by colour. Beautiful for Instagram photos but really impractical and useless.

How do you organise your bookshelf?


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