Overcoming A Book Slump

I went through a bit of a book slump. I couldn’t focus on the words in front of me, I couldn’t write any posts without huge blocks. Basically, I couldn’t absorb any creative piece or produce any creative piece.

But I think I’m over it now. Hopefully. Fingers crossed.

Here are some tricks I’ve used to get over it:

  • Stop reading. Just stop. It’s ok to want to do other stuff for a while, in fact it’s healthy to have multiple passions.
  • Move onto another project to keep your mind occupied. For me, it took going on holidays before I could get back into a somewhat shaky reading pattern again, though I understand this is an unrealistic move. Career was also a distracting point to the point where reading became the pleasant procrastinating hobby that it usually is.
  • Re-read something that you loved. And re-read something easy to settle back into your routine. And it literally can be anything, even if it’s comics or manga, let’s not get into that discussion that books with pictures are not real books.
  • Read something you normally wouldn’t Maybe you’re bored of reading the same clichés time and time again. Go for something that would make you think or something that you would not be able to predict the plot too.
  • Read something you normally would Crime fiction is my safe place. I can have difficulties focussing on any storyline but crime fiction. Ever since I started blogging, I think YA would be the popular choice but please comment with your preferences.
  • Stop reading that book Maybe the book you’re reading now is actually really bad and you’re just persisting because you feel guilty for not finishing. Let it go, move on to something else, and try again later.


How does everyone else do it?


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