Day 10 – A Book That Reminds You Of Home

Fairy Tales by Hans Christen Anderson and Folk Tales by The Brothers Grimm


Ok let me explain this one. When I think of home, I think of comfort, and home cooked meals, and my family, because fundamentally, home isn’t a place, but the people and the experiences. And no interesting book would give me feelings of happiness or calm (or I wouldn’t find them interesting).

So the closest ‘family’ movement to me is my childhood, and when I think about my childhood all I think about are all the happy moments I had reading with my dad who considered a mark of parenting success if he could get me to love reading (good job there, Dad).

One of my favourite books that he got for me was the full edition of Anderson’s fairy tales and The Grimm Brothers’ folk tales because he thought it’d be child-safe, not realising that the original version was pretty goddamn gory. So unfortunately, at the age of eight I was reading about the gory nature of The Little Mermaid dancing even though it felt like her feet was being stabbed by a hundred swords (good job there, Dad). But I digress, I really loved that book!


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