Day 07 – A Book That Makes You Laugh

All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque


Ok I know that this semi-autobiographical account of WWI is supposed to be gut-wrenching as it was eye-opening to the horrors of war but I never laugh out loud when I’m reading and there were some scenes that forced me to stop and get all my giggles out because they were so real and honest:

  • The soldier who had been classified as crazy so he tests the limit of what he can get away with by doing ridiculous things like throwing things at the wall.
  • The narrator getting nervous about telling the young female nurse that he needs to do a bowel movement because he believes that’s indecent to a young woman.
  • The husband and wife trying to work out how to have sex when the husband is in hospital and surrounded by other soldiers. The other soldiers co-operate by moving to the other side of the room and playing a noisy game of cards while the couple get onto a bed and close the curtains.

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