The Unintended Writer’s Block

Does anyone else have this problem where the post they want to write is the most difficult to write yet the one piece they kind of just bash out at 10 at night is the one that flows beautifully out of you?

It drives me up the goddamn wall. The one review or rant I turn over and pull apart in my mind with witty phrases and emphatic analysis for several days, is always the post that when it comes down to putting pen to paper (or I suppose in this medium, fingers to keyboard) is the post that reads so badly and uninspiring in the clear light of the computer screen.

Contrast this to the review where I just want to hash something out because I’m stressed (because as it turns out, blogging’s been a fantastic way to deal with my anxieties) or it’s late  or the book was a DNF; forming the ideas to these posts was so natural, as if I was alwayd meant to write them.

Brain, why would you do this to me?

To try and outsmart myself, I have tried to put a clamp down on over thinking my reviews and just writing them as soon as I’m done with reading the book. But if I write it too rashly, I find that I miss ideas and get a case of ‘I should have put that in!’

It’s very Catch-22.

Readers, how do you cope? Do you even have this problem or is it limited to the neurotic (me)?


3 thoughts on “The Unintended Writer’s Block

  1. This is currently happening to me with a discussion I want to write. Like, I just don’t know where to begin but everything is there in my head and when I attempt to write it, it makes no sense. UGHHHHHH so frustrating!

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