Twenty Book Facts About Me

Let’s keep it book-themed, shall we?

  1. I can read almost anywhere but my regular spot seems to be public transportation. There’s nothing like an hour of uninterrupted peace.
  2. I can use any flat piece of paper as a bookmark.
  3. I never dog-ear my books because damaging my books is sacrilegious.
  4. With that being said, I love natural wear and tear on novels like spine creases and aging pages.
  5. But I like to preserve my books as much as I can by covering them in clear wrap.
  6. I have close to 300 books sitting on two IKEA bookshelves.
  7. I organise my books by genre.
  8. My reading habits almost came to a stand-still in my teen years because I was so bored with all the young adult fiction.
  9. I never purchase books online.
  10. For similar reasons, I do not use an e-reader.
  11. I prefer to own the book, rather than borrow.
  12. The first book that was ever read to me was The Three Little Pigs. The second was Little Red Riding Hood.
  13. I’m not fond of listening to music when I read.
  14. I don’t like eating while I’m reading.
  15. I hate dust jackets on books, beautiful but impractical.
  16. I hate fantasy with a raging passion (except for Harry Potter).
  17. I really struggle to read anthropologies or even a collection of short stories, everything feels disjointed.
  18. Even though I love crime fiction, my preference is weirdly specific for example, I’m not too partial to American crime fiction, but I’m crazy for Japanese crime fiction.
  19. I have an intense need to finish a series even if I don’t like the series anymore.
  20. Whenever I see someone reading out in public, I need to know what they’re reading.

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