The Stepford Wives by Ira Levin

Oh My God I think I can add a new author to my “Favourite List” because that was gripping from start to finish.

Because the phrase ‘Stepford Wife’ has entered into the English language as a common phrase, I had high expectations for this novel; I expected Levin to not just be a writer, but A Writer. And the term ‘Stepford Wife’ doesn’t just belong to the realms of the Literature Student, I’ve even seen it used on the reality TV show, The Bachelor, when one girl condescendingly described another contestant’s ability to cook. I went in with the expectation the writing would be of a certain calibre if Levin was able to convey his message so succinctly and so clearly that the mere mention of the title of the novel can evoke such a vivid understanding of the term.

And to my absolute delight, Levin exceeded them! This never happens I am giddy with joy!

This book is appealing to me in so many ways. It’s satirical, it has strong feminist leanings, it has hidden meanings about society and gender roles; it has all the elements of my dream novel.

It’s short and sweet which meant the suspense could be built up without feeling dragged out. Despite that Levin has created multiple characters for this story, which in the hands of another writer would have been confusing and too much, but in this novel, has been handled well, and this is largely because Levin was focussed on the message and every technique, every plot point is geared towards delivering a satirical warning on the reactions of men to the feminist movement.

This is a must-read. Even if you have no feminist leanings, ‘The Stepford Wives’ is almost an education on how suspense should be written.


On Another Note

I didn’t realise that he also wrote ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ and ‘The Boys From Brazil’ so the bar has been raised even higher on his work since that’s three of his books that’s been made into a movie.



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