How Many Books Can You Read At Once?

Can you read multiple novels simultaneously?

I find that I get too distracted too easily to hold my attention to more than one novel, like I forget what one story is about and have to go back and re-read the last few pages before I can continue again.

Unfortunately, it means that I’m forever putting off big books because I can’t take it with me on the train because as if I’m not doing long term damage to my posture already, working at a desk job all day. What I need is a nice long weekend where I can just be lazy at home.

The only times I can swap between two books is when one is fiction and the other is non- fiction but only when the non-fiction is a behemoth of a thing and generally impossible to consume in a few sittings.

This isn’t exactly an intellectually stimulating post but it just occurred to me as I was waiting for my ramen to arrive. As always, how do you guys balance multiple agendas?


2 thoughts on “How Many Books Can You Read At Once?

  1. I focus on one book at once, but I always am in the middle of several, if that makes sense. I’m about a third of the way through “Jane Eyre,” two thirds of the way through “Magyk,” approximately a sixth through “A Darker Shade of Magic,” but I’m focusing on finishing “Scarlet.” The others are the ones that I pick up when I’m in the mood, read a few chapters of, and put down for later. It’s a horrible habit, but I doubt it’s one that I’m going to kick anytime soon.


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