I Rarely Read Romance

Overall, I don’t think I have a problem with romance itself, since I don’t seem to mind it as a sub-plot. I definitely don’t gag or cringe when the protagonist gets the lover interest; in fact I love happy endings.

I think my problem lies more in its execution. I’ll let this tumblr user summarise why:

Tumblr Romance

I like my romance quiet, gentle yet fulfilling; not tortured with long, suffering stares into the distance where there’s a lot of unnecessary misunderstanding. It’s unbelievably tedious. I don’t like reading about couples just talking about their love instead of actually showing a connection. I don’t like it when there are contrived love triangles. I don’t like it when one party is rude and cruel to the other and this is called love.

Or maybe I’m overcomplicating things and I’m just not a romantic person.


What do you all think? Are there any genres that you find grating?


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