Why Can’t I Write About Non-Fiction?

I read quite a bit of Non-Fiction despite my complete and utter lack of reviews. A friend got me into it when she recommended a Malcolm Gladwell and I’ve been immersed ever since.

I mainly read Economic/Business and anything of the social sciences. If there has been a TED talk or it comes with a recommendation from the New York Times, the book is immediately added to my List.

But even though I love history, I find long historical books tiring because it is so heavy in detail (which is what makes me glad I never pursued it as a profession). Autobiographies are also hit or miss because for me, unless I know a lot about a topic or have some prior knowledge, I find it draining to sort through what’s real and what has been changed to make the author look better.

I’ve tried to read science novels but I have no aptitude for it which is frustrating beyond belief. Even Stephen Hawking’s “A Brief History of Time”, which is supposedly the Airplane Books of Science Books, was too difficult for me.

But I digress; what I’m trying to say is that I enjoy Non-Fiction Books but I find it so unbelievably difficult to do a proper analysis and review of it. I always seem to draw a blank or the only thing I can do is a summary of what I’ve read (which defeats the purpose). Because it’s not as if I know enough about the subject to make a critical assessment of the facts or assertions that it presents. I don’t exactly have the skillset to say “well that’s an interesting point, but in Text so-and-so, Author A was able to provide a deeper analysis and provide more solid evidence; contrast this to Author B who provides a separate view point”. All I can say is if I agreed with it or not.

I aim to be able to write a Non-Fiction analysis by the end of the year. Does anyone have any tips? Any advice gratefully welcomed.


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