Melbourne Bookstores

I just spent the weekend holidaying in Melbourne CBD! I’ve done all the tourist-y stuff and the shopping and the eating (all I did was eat it was amazing) so feel like I know the CBD like the back of my hand.

And because this is a book blog, I thought I’d just do a post on all the bookshops that I visited.

  • Book Grocer: Everything really is $10 though the one in Elizabeth Street is a bit of a trek so I recommend getting a tram. There’s not a bad range, between recent stuff and indie fiction. I purchased ‘I am Legend’.
  • Minotaur: No purchases but an enormous selection of Sci-fi and Fantasy. It has an incredible selection for all kinds of pop culture nerds. The pricing is at RRP.
  • Robinson’s Bookshop at the Emporium: Yeeeeesssss!!!! This is what bookshops are meant to look like. It even had a slide-y ladder against the book shelves, somethi ng I’ve always wanted since I saw Beauty and the Beast as a kid. It also had an amazing selection from mainstream to the uncommon. It seemed such a waste to walk empty-handed from this beautiful store so I purchased ‘Confessions of a Sociopath’ at RRP.
  • The Readings at The State Library: Another independent seller, I was finally able to to find and buy ‘Everyone should be a Feminist’. The Library exhibition is also worth a look.
  • City Basement Books: If The Emporium is what and Independent Bookstore is supposed to look like, then this is what a second hand book shop is supposed to look like. It’s musty and dusty (triggering my allergies but who cares?) but the whole place was crammed to the ceiling with books. They even had them stacked on the ground and in every nook and cranny. The pricing and conditions was also reasonable, I purchased five books, ‘The Maltese Falcon’, ‘Murder on the Ballarat Train’, ‘Those Who Walk Away’, ‘The Tremor of Forgery’, and ‘Charlie Chan: The Chinese Parrot’.

Overall, Melbourne has such a well developed atmosphere for Independent bookshops to thrive, which doesn’t surprised me because Melbourne is such a cultural hub. It’s as if the city doesn’t care that major booksellers are going out of business and losing their sales to ebooks; that regardless of all that, they will still go out of their way to provide for all the hipsters.

If you’re planning a trip and you have any interest in reading, it would be such a waste to not at least visit one bookstore here.

Did I leave any out during my trip? Leave some comments if you’re from Melbourne 🙂

And of course, here are my purchases.



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