Do you have a reading space?

I do not. I read wherever I take my fancy although this does mean being ungracefully hunched over at the kitchen table and suspiciously long periods on the toilet.

Since I have a long commute to work, reading on the train is an easy way to knock off a few chapters but it does make it awkward when the copy of the book I have is the size of a baby (The Luminaries, The Goldfinch etc) or if the book is a little awkward or embarrassing (Tampa, Crazy Rich Asians etc).

However, if I’ve dedicated a proper reading time at home, then I’ll lie on the sofa but that’s probably the extent of an actual space. Reading in my room is a slippery slope to insomnia for me.

It isn’t because I only read when the circumstances suit me, I just enjoy reading so much that I can do it in almost any circumstance.

Does anyone else have a dedicated book spot in their home? I keep imagining my own dedicated reading space when I get my own place, like I’ll have a wall for all my books and maybe a really comfortable chair in the corner (not a bean bag though) but I suspect I’ll just revert to my old habits.


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