What is Reading?

I’ve seen all sorts of variation of what reading is:

  • Reading is a form of relaxation
  • Reading is a form of learning
  • Reading is a form of escapism

Even a quick google search agrees with me:

Google search Reading is a form of...

So an assertion by some neurologists that reading is a form of brainwashing is totally different!

If you read the article (and I highly recommend it), Professor Lidia Stanton goes on to explain that it’s because people can’t resist reading words presented to us, so it’s nothing sinister or occult. When presented with a sentence in a written language that we understand, people couldn’t admire the shape or the outline of the texts purely from a visual standpoint, without reading and comprehending it.

In fact, we are quicker at reading than we are at identifying visual cues so I’m going to point this out to the marketing team the next time they decide to burn money by re-designing yet another logo to target the right demographic.


There’s no real purpose to this post, I just wanted to share an interesting tidbit.


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