USC Rossier’s Top 100 Books of the 21st Century

USC Rossier has just compiled the 100 top-rated books (which might be a bit early since we’re not even a quarter of the way in) and wow do I have strong feelings about this:

  • In what is actually a large boost to my ego, I know about 50% of the books there and have read probably about 25%.
  • And in a matter of further humble-bragging, I am breaking no stereotypes about accountants that I’ve read all the books that have been classified as Business (though I would also question whether Gladwell should be classified as Business).
  • I keep flip flopping on ‘The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie’ but since it’s been recommended so many times, I might give it a crack, however…
  • I understand that this is based off and but any listing that recommends Jodi Picoult is suspicious to me immediately.
  • I like that there are helpful flowcharts but…
  • I am so upset that Murakami is classified as Fantasy, I nearly shouted at work.
  • Also ‘The Book Thief’ is gravely misclassified as Young Adult fiction. Just because something is focussed from the child’s perspective, doesn’t make it Young Adult.
  • I am so excited that ‘The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society’ has been included, I don’t this book gets enough love.
  • Nevertheless, I’ll still use this to give me some book purchasing inspiration.


What does everyone else think?


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